That I might drink, and leave the world unseen

And with thee fade away into the forest dim

How's My Driving?
Anonymous is ON.

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You can also relate all HMD posts to my characters in general to thricedeadwind.

Every criticism is helping me become a better RPer. Thank you. ♥

--- the panther

OOC: Contact Info and Character Info
panther3751's contact info:
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Character information/permissions/fourth wall/etc:
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Hackable entries?
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If there's anything you think I'm forgetting here, please comment below!

--- the panther

Cutscenes and FMVs
Linky linky links. Mostly for my reference. Might be posted as accidental vid posts in the future.

In-Game CutscenesCollapse )

asmokfm My internet fails. I'll add more later. These aren't even the good scenes!


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