That I might drink, and leave the world unseen

And with thee fade away into the forest dim

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OOC: Contact Info and Character Info
panther3751's contact info:

email: (most reliable if everything else is borked) pantherdragon3751 at hotmail dot com
AIM: supergeek3751
MSN: pantherdragon3751 at hotmal dot com
Yahoo: pantherdragon3751
Skype: please email first, but I wouldn't object
gmail: for large files only, hjst3751 at gmail dot com

I will be online especially after 11:00 PM EST and before 9:00 AM EST. This may vary due to my work schedule. (I'll update this if my situation changes.)

IF you can't contact me via an IM PLEASE EMAIL ME or comment here. I can fix it. It is probably due to Trillian's wonky settings.

Character information/permissions/fourth wall/etc:

Hair: Blue (light)
Eyes: Blue (light)
Build: Muscular
Height: Very Tall. (It might be the hair)
Languages: Spirian. He can mimic the Guado Oldspeech, obviously, but one shouldn't really count that is a separate language.

Note: At the beginning of his introduction to Drama Drama Duck, Seymour is before the main canon, and moves along accordingly.

PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL HIM for how his story goes. Vague hints and promises are fine. Saying he's a video game character is also fine. Making fun of him for weird fanart is awesome. But. DO NOT SPOIL HIM FOR ANY, ANY, ANY MAJOR PLOT POINT.

As a rule of thumb, ask yourself, "Would it help him to know this?" Then don't tell him. :|

For telepaths: Seymour has a great amount of willpower. This is evidenced by the fact, after his death, his ability to keep his own mind and not become a fiend, but rather an Unsent. While he has no training against the abilities of telepaths and the like, he'll be able to resist those efforts a lot better than the average man.

For omniescents/gods/etc: Knock yourself out. He's an open book to you.

General RP: I'm open to anything for Seymour which doesn't mess up future canon events. For example, I'm fine with him getting maimed, but not killed before his canon demands it. Seymour, of course, will react in-character. Just follow the rules (no God-modding) and I'll do the same. You can flirt with him or be rude to him or slap him around or torture him. I really don't care, as long as the RP is fun and interesting. :D

Hackable entries?

Seymour isn't accessing the community through a conventional computer. However, it is some sort of technology (don't think too deeply about how it works) and he only has basic knowledge on how to use it. Unless he's helped by someone else - and I'll mark the post otherwise - consider everything of his to be hackable. :3

If there's anything you think I'm forgetting here, please comment below!

--- the panther


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